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TeamFormation is a user Interface for The Elder Scrolls Online, designed to show the positions and health of your teammates, like a radar. I'm happy to share my addon with you, but please don't make a fork of this addon without my authorization.

You can easily see the positions and health of your teammates :

- Healers : See the position of damaged teammates so you can easily heal them.
- Leader : See the position of your teammates so you can easily decide what orders to give.
- Dps : See the position of teammates so you can stay near them.
- Tank : See the position of Healers & Dps who take damage so you can regain agro.
- All : See the position of dead teammates and their resurrection status.

You can set keyboard shortcuts to hide/show and to disable/enable TeamFormation.

Features :
- Keyboard shortcut to enable/disable TeamFormation.
- Dead and resurrection status icon.
- Leader and class icon
- Camera rotation + Character rotation.
- HP Indicator.
- Cardinal point (adjustable transparency from 0 to 100%).
- Movable, Resizable and Scalable UI

Language : FR, EN, DE. (French is the main support).

Quick-install guide :
1. Download the archive "".
2. Unzip the archive in ESO addons folder (delete the previous TeamFormation folder if you're updating)
3. Launch the game, log in, and check that "Prov's TeamFormation" is enabled for your character and then play.

If the UI does not appear it may be because you are not in a group, you need to reload your UI, or you may need restart your game.


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