Speed Farmer (aka no more book spam)

7,028 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016 Game Version: 1.6

For those of you who farm mats (that you don't have to steal) and those who are running the same dungeons over and over and no longer read the books, cabinets or anything that pops up a LoreBook display I offer you RELIEF!


Speed Farmer

Q: what does it do? A: It suppresses the dialog screen from books, cabinets and anything else as you speed farm areas or dungeons collecting provisioning materials and books.

Q: what if it's something I want to read? A: it will open the 2nd time you "search" it

Q: Will I get credit if it's a new Lorebook. A: Yes

Q: Are there any settings. A: No, not yet. I'm not sure it needs options.

That's it. That's what it does.

You never have to read and close a book again (unless you want to).



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