SpamBayes - the only one bayesian spam filter

7,303 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2014 Game Version: 1.2.3

SpamBayes for The Elder Scrolls Online is a bayesian antispam for The Elder Scrolls Online game with the exact same algorythm as seen in spambayes


  • Bayesian classification of messages
  • Scores from 0 to 100% messages
  • By default, messages from 0-20% are ham, 20-90% are unsure and 90% and greater are spams
  • Hides the spam, your ignore list is not used
  • Maximum transparence, every message, spam included, is displayed in a control center
  • Message training is done by right-clicking the player name
  • Extra option : filters colors in colorful player messages
  • Extra option : filters friends logged ON/OFF ui messages
  • Extra option : adds player names to context menu
  • Extra option : adds copy to clipboard to context menu
  • Developed with performance in mind, very small code

Terminology used:

  • Ham : A ham is a legit message, a wanted message, the opposite of a spam
  • Spam : A spam is an unwanted message, typically they are gold spams, but you can extend a spam to be a guild spam, trade spam, a specific country language you want to hide, etc.. possibilities are endless
  • Unsure : When the message is not a ham nor a spam. Your database is not filled enough to rate the message


  • /spambayes or /sb to bring the UI
  • Right-click a player name to train a message

Other usages:

  • /clear to erase the text in the ChatWindow
  • /rl to reload the ui

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