Combat Log Statistics

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Combat Log Statistics (CLS)

ESO has no combat log. CLS therefore fills in the void by providing a classic combat log with options. It also provides a personal DPS/HPS window to track how you are fairing in a fight. Furthermore, it tracks every ability you use to give you statistics on those abilities.


  1. Combat Log
  2. Real-Time DPS/HPS Window
  3. What Happened to Me? Log
  4. Attack Abilities Used with Stats (click the number in the box)
  5. Healing Abilities Used with Stats (click the number in the box)
  6. Many Settings

(Look at pictures for more details)

Ability Stats


  • "/CLS" or "/CLS help" will bring up all options in game
  • "/CLS Main" will show the Main Combat Log Window
  • "/CLS DPS" will show the DPS Window
  • "/CLS Settings" will show the Settings Window
  • Press Esc, Go to Settings, Go to CLS Settings for more settings

To Do:

  • Create Last Fight Window with Real-Time Analysis of DPS/HPS per Ability (resets every combat event)
  • More UI Options
  • More Analysis

Formerly FTC Combat Log
In order not to confuse this addon with FTC, the name has now been changed to CLS.
Based on the Foundry Tactical Combat addon made by Atropos.


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