Worlds Of Chaos

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Worlds Of Chaos

It is an undergoing map by subject Ominethious where it takes a slight twist for the last known Centurian known as Corrosive finally kills the Wall of Flesh but discovers that in doing so he has caused his world to go into chaos,but that isn't all,what he never knew that there was a Curse that came with the Walls destruction,after a week of fighting the dark and light forces,Corrosive notices something different about him, he notices that he is shading darker and is growing demon wings! he repeatedly plead to the nurse that she could fix it but,sadly there was no hope for him,but in a matter of days he started to permanently change,his Demon wings grew out and his skin is as dark as Obsidian,he later could barely breath the air that surrounds in a remorsefull anger he incased himself in a full set of reporation armor and flead the city,never no be seen agian,

Ironically Corrosive wasn't the only one to change,a teen-aged civilian known as Alias also was changed by the Chaos,he grew Angel Wings and his skin also turned black but he could easily breath the air around him,but he thinks he can help Corrosive,and that is why he wants to set out and try to find him and bring him back,others think he has gone mad,and others want to help him but with the arising threats of Blood Moons and other horrible events he barely even knows if he can even get to Corrosive,or at the least find out where he is hiding.

(not recommended for inexperienced players)


you are advised not to take characters and other things i have created out of context or for your own purposes without my recognition.Furthermore people like PuLSe and many others may use some of my Ideas as there own just becuase they have some of the greates maps in Terraria Especially Worm Pit. Players are allowed to break Blocks,but is not the intentions of the game,but if the player has no other choice then it is allowed.


this is where you can find info on specific Characters in the series as they are revealed,

Corrosive:the near immortal Hero\God of a City-State known as Veglashire,and may seem like a brute but is very respectful and passionate to whoever he comes across as non-Hostile,he is the last surviving Senterian (AKA a God Class which=8 men) and was put in Stasis until the 30th millennium till he was to be summoned again to fight the forces of Chaos, and to avenge his fallen brothers-in-arms .After his supremacy,he has reseeded west due to injuries and freak mutations caused by the slaying of the Wall Of Flesh.

Alias:a bright, intelligent 15-year-old who sought out to find there lost leader,the great Hero\God Corrosive,many call him crazy,but in mist of complete chaos the leaders of Veglashire are willing to do just about anything to save there nation under fire.

Ivan the Great: the Successor to Corrosive,but does a near horrible job at defending Veglashire than compared to Corrosive in the Early days of the Great wars of Chaos.

Sinclair:the known Admiral of Veglashire,he sought out in finding Corrosive once,but he failed,he ordered a complete bombardment of the Chaos lands,it only grew back in a matter of days.

Shlevoneth:the so-called leader of the Chaos,he operates to capture Corrosive and force him to destroy all he apposes.

Rosoline:the Apprentice of Shlevoneth,and is a very great Tactical oppression to the forces of Veglashire,she wants to take the influence of Alias so she can put a stop to Caliphias's and Claudia's plans to stop Chaos from spreading like wildfire.

Guide Master Jared:normally he is a basic Guide Master,but he has devious plots to end the Era of Purging.

Caliphias:the well known anti-Chaos Priest who resides in the hollow areas of the world,he wants to help the people of Veglashire,but he must focus more on destroying the chaos ridden land before he can save them.

Claudia:the Apprentice of Caliphias that has the duty to watch over the known Vigilante Alias, in hopes of finding Corrosive before the Leaders of the Chaos get to him first.

General James A. Calford:the infamous Leader of the Guide Heresy,AKA the Purge,who intend to eradicate all who oppose the Murder of there once beloved Leader, the first Guide Master, Stephenson.

Captain Jack Anthrovane: The Greatest Captain to sail the Seas of Terraria,and the Largest Ship to Support a town called the Endeavor.


Shipreck:the Mobile Town that sits in the Great Ship called the Endeavor that, Hench the towns Name,occasionally Shipwrecks onto land and trades,buys food,and Plunders for more Treasure to fuel there wealth.


Veglashire Marine Creed (song):

"I've got the reach of a killer machine, ya put a grin on my chin when you come to me,and i'll bring death to the place your about to be and a river of blood running under my feet, Forged in a fire set long ago,you stand next to me you'll never stand alone, I'm the last to leave and the first to go,lord make me dead before ya make me whole,i feed on the Fear of the devil inside,and the enemy faces in my sight,

"Aim with a Hand, Shoot with the Mind,Kill with a Heart of Arctic Ice!" original theme here:


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