World Of Terra ( Christmas Update )

23,258 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021
Rediscover Terraria in this thrilling adventure where everything has been changed. Without modifying the base game and the rules,
this world offers you several dungeons, golf courses, rest areas, stories, arena for bosses, puzzles and many places and treasures to discover.
This map is perfect for starting a new game, alone or with a team. In short, the adventure awaits you.


  Map Informations:

  •  Drunk mod
  • Classic, expert, master and journey
  • No boss has been killed.
  • Size Medium.
  • No rules

    The progress of the game can be accelerated a bit due to the item that we can find. But everything follows the timeline of the game.


Update:16 Decembre 2021

Christmas Golfing

Christmas Village

Beautification of some biome

New Areas


Bug Fix:

Teleport Underwater City 4 Oct 2021

Missing Golden key 12 Oct 2021

Missing Big Ruby Gem 12 Oct 2021

Underground Jungle Fix 12 Oct 2021


By, Daromaxa


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