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Wectenebray: a land cursed with the scourge of Corruption, and hiding a dark secret. Follow in the footsteps of the expedition team that came before you, as you come ever closer to solving the mystery of the Corruption. The object of the map is to craft the Mechanical Worm and defeat the Destroyer.



Non-linear progression: Explore as much or as little as you like. Simply find the item required to surmount the next obstacle, or explore areas more thoroughly to acquire better gear and additional story tidbits.


Story breadcrumbs: A variety of signposts exist throughout the world. Some simply offer directions or tips, but many are logs from those who traversed the world prior to your arrival. Piecing together these clues is essential to understanding the world's lore, and is occasionally helpful in solving the map's puzzles.


Unique Boss Arenas: Some of the bosses in the map are fought in pre-built arenas. These unorthodox arenas may provide a more unique fighting experience.


Core Terraria elements: While digging and building are generally disallowed (as with many adventure maps), they are still retained to a degree, with unrestricted building around spawn, and permitted digging of various materials such as ores and gemstones. Rather than having all gear given through treasure chests, many items can only be obtained via crafting, helping to retain the overall Terraria feel, while still maintaining the rules necessary to make an adventure map work.


Map length:

It is difficult to precisely pin down the length of the map, as everyone plays at their own pace, and since I already know everything about the map, my own run times will be a little biased, but, for me, I managed to speedrun the map in just under four hours, and doing the map at a fairly relaxed pace with 100% completion took a little over nine hours. As I said before, since I already know everything about the map, you can expect that your own run times will be longer than these.


The rules:

-The objective of the map is to craft the Mechanical Worm and defeat the Destroyer-

-Use a new character for the map-


1. You are generally disallowed from any digging (including bombs/dynamite), building, cutting of trees, breaking of objects, etc, unless otherwise stated.
2. There are no restrictions on building, digging, tree cutting, etc. within the Legal Building Area, which is defined as the area enclosed by (but not including) the brown bricks around spawn. While the bricks don't go above the ground, you are allowed to build all the way up to the top of the map. within its horizontal boundaries
3. You may only use a pickaxe or drill for mining outside of the Legal Building Area, and a hammer or hamaxe for breaking Orbs/Altars.
4. Regardless of location, you may dig up/destroy: All ores (including Meteorite), All gemstones, Obsidian, Desert Fossils, sand blocks created by Antlions, Demonite Brick created by the Wall of Flesh, Snow blocks created by the Frost Legion, your tombstone, dye plants, coral, seashells, coin stashes (if you don't know what those are, look on the Terraria wiki), Shadow Orbs, Heart Crystals, Altars, Crystal Shards, emptied treasure chests, and anything that can be destroyed by a normal weapon (e.g. cobwebs, grass, vines, herbs, etc.)
5. You MAY dig up small amounts of other blocks (except the tower's walls) in hardmode if necessary in order to extract randomly spawned hardmode ores. You may dig through a moderately large amount of blocks to reach the ore if you are in the hellevator.


Prior to breaking at least one Shadow Orb, you may NOT:
1. Use non-vanity items acquired from NPCs (other than the regular Merchant), Goodie Bags, Presents, or Fishing Crates
2. Use the item 'Hook' in crafting
3. Summon the Goblin Invasion
4. Use the item 'Slime Hook'


Note that you may still acquire non-vanity items from these sources early, so long as you only use them after breaking at least one Shadow Orb.


1. You may not use ore/bars obtained from crates or slime bonus drops until you have acquired at least 12 bars of the ore in question (or a superior ore) from another source
2. You may not use the item 'Worm Food' prior to breaking at least three Shadow Orbs
3. You may not use the Reaver Shark for mining until you have acquired at least 56 Hellstone.
4. The Destroyer does not count as defeated until you have crafted the Mechanical Worm at least once. Defeating the boss through another method and then crafting the summoning item after the fact will still satisfy the win condition.


1. If a signpost 'banishes' certain items (this only happens once) then you cannot use those items beyond that point, with the ban ending when another signpost 'unbanishes' them.
2. You cannot change an NPC's assigned housing until you have spoken to that NPC at least once.


CAUTION: This isn't a rule, but just a word of warning; timers are automatically set to 'off' when the world is loaded, so if the security system in the Old Hideout is on when you leave the world, the door will be sealed when you return, with the traps off. Pulling the lever at this point will unseal the door, but leave the traps on, potentially killing you and NPCs. To avoid this, manually activate the timer while the doors are sealed to turn on the traps, and then pull the lever to deactivate the whole system at once.


After reading the rules, just move the 'Wectenebray.wld' file into your Terraria worlds folder, and you will be able to access the map when you start up the game!


There are some hints and the author's note in the 'pages' tab.


Credit to Zuazzer and MKCapsule for beta testing.

Credit to BinaryConstruct for developing TEdit, which was used extensively in the construction of the map.

And credit to Re-Logic for making Terraria itself.


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