Vertigo Elemental

9,476 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 23, 2012

Update: Now comes with Easy Mode and Hard Mode

  • 93 New Items
  • 22 New Monsters
  • 2 New Bosses
  • Credit goes to Me, Mikey, Cronic, Nicholas, Dekshuduph and Slowsnow2
  • 1 to 6 Players

Paths you can choose

  • Path of Fire
  • Path of Water
  • Path of Ice
  • Path of Earth
  • Path of Darkness
  • Path of Poison
  • You can also play this in sandbox mode if you wish to. I'm just not sure how it would turn out as I haven't tested that.
  • The soundtrack can be downloaded on this page. They are listed under 2010 submissions.


  1. New characters ONLY
  2. No bringing items from other worlds
  3. Everything else is ALLOWED. Including mining and placing blocks/ores
  • Note: The images have been sliced off but you can view them by using the scroll wheel


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