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USS Enterprise ncc 1701 from STAR TREK

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Standard map with a non-standard home (a bit above the spawnpoint). I am sorry for my eng....

Now you are the captain of the most famous ship of this epic saga - Star Trek

There are a lot of free space for farms in the warp nacelle and inaf place for the settlement of NPCs

If you find any defects in ship design, pls do not judge strictly and let me know about it

For more rapid movement inside the ship I placed a few teleports, stylized them under turbolifts

All chests are empty, I done this fo a case, if a new character will be created for this map, that would have an interest in the game is not lost

I did everything exactly as it was possible, to would match the original (J.J.Abrams 2009 - Kelvin's timeline).