Flame's TrainingCourse

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Flame's TrainingCourse - v1.4 -

Hey, and welcome to Flame's TrainingCourse's thread.
This is my first map and so far it is an agility course but I do plan on adding other things too like dungeon raiding, deafeating monsters, etc.
I have made it quite hard, but still playable.
Also, please let me know if there is anything impossible/broken in the map.

Quick screenshot of one of the levels.
A map of everything in v1.0.

Thanks to speedhawk for making this vid of v1.2.

My youtube channel:
I will post some vids on this map soon.

You must start with a fresh character and dispose of its starting items immediately.
You must not destroy anything.
You are not allowed to take items from any other world or server.
Read the signs.
Use your common sense.

This map is designed for up to 4 players.
Each column in a chest is for one player (Excluding some obvious ones in which I ran out of space).
This map is designed to be hard.
Try to have fun (if you can).
Collect all the silver coins and post your score below.
The Orbs of Light at the start are for when it turns night.
The Copper Swords are to help with annoying monsters.


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