The Wall (Homage)

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Hello! This is a PvP map where once you begin, there will be a large sand wall separating you and your opponent(s), you will have up to 100 Hours to prepare yourself, your base, and/or screw with your opponent, whether that is by starting hardmode, when they aren't prepared for it, or making an NPC spawn on your side of the wall before theirs. once the wall falls PvP will begin, and the last team/man standing will be the victor(s).



This map was Procedurally generated the way you normally do. The timing mechanism used can be found in the images section if you wish to replicate or improve upon it. The map took me about 100 hours to make, most of which was used Playing around with wiring since I originally started this map knowing nothing whatsoever about wiring


This map was inspired by The Minecraft Map of the same name ( (However I'm pretty sure that map is outdated by now), despite the fact that I no longer play minecraft, this is simply an attempt to do something similar. The main difference between that map and this, other than the whole game switching thing, is that this map was procedurally generated by the game For the most part and allows you to choose the amount of time to prepare, whereas the other was small but completely hand made, and only gave 15 minutes to prepare. Hope you Enjoy!


Steam: Oreo_Fritzey

Youtube: Orion Fritz



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