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Survive the trials and enemies that await you in Terrastice, an expansive adventure map that consists
of several unique segments and puzzles, offering progressive difficulty for up to three players!

Inspired by Metroid and Castlevania games, the map retains the vanilla Terraria experience that players
have grown to love, while providing a challenging adventure for both new and experienced adventurers.

● Requires no modifications to work.
● Supports up to three players for multiplayer.
● Sprinkled with many hidden rooms and treasures.
● Platforming, mechanical puzzles and far too many monsters!

The world file provided (.wld) must be placed inside Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds.

It can then be loaded inside Terraria for singleplayer sessions, or hosted for multiplayer. Other players can
join your server even if they don't have the map, provided you are all using the same version of Terraria.

Thanks to artist extraordinaire Jake55778 for the amazing painting used to promote the map;
Ahamling27 and crew for choosing Terrastice as the feature map on TerrariaOnline and Curse!

All of the testers from Reddit and TerrariaOnline that willingly submitted themselves to the suffering of
the public beta sessions to help balance the map. Your bravery helped make Terrastice what it is today!

BinaryConstruct and the TEdit crew for developing the amazing mapping tool used to create this map;
and all of the TerrariaOnline forum lurkers for answering questions and providing helpful advice!

If you enjoyed playing Terrastice, please consider making a donation to help keep the project going!
All proceeds go toward the tile-laying bunnies and flying fish workers that helped create the map.



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