Terrarivania Classic - Updated for Terraria 1.3!

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This file contains the map file, character file, short story, readme, world map image, and custom soundtrack.

Here are the notes for the current version of Terrarivania: - Name updated to Terrarivania Classic! Next update for the map will include a significant expansion to the core map, and this version of the map is here to provide that framework for later.

- The custom soundtrack has been updated! Yes, that's right. All 39 tracks in Terraria have been replaced with a hand selection of songs that I believe are perfect for the kind of adventure I am trying to make.

- Co-op has been removed as an option, as it both created messy issues with story canon and allowed for too many ways to break progression. If you still want to experience co-op in Terrarivania, previous versions of the map will still have that feature!

- Some quality of life changes throughout the map, such as better directions from signs and fixes for various bugs and anomalies the updates to Terraria created for the map over time.

- Much of the dialogue has been rewritten to have more concrete characters. The main character and his father now have names and are referred to as such in the signs now. This is to help prevent any confusion the previously neutral wording created when the characters interacted.

- There will be more to come! This update is to show that I am not, in fact, dead (just took a long break from Terraria to finish college). I plan on further expanding this map and finally adding the conclusion that it has so desperately needed for so long! Thank you, everyone, for your patience and I hope to have the expansion content released some time after programs like TEdit have been updated to handle Terraria 1.3.