Terraria Nation

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A normal generated Terraria map with a large city, spaceships and islands above.
There are more temples and chests to explore and loot, as well as hidden and fortitude bases.

Ride the subway of Terraria city, explore and loot the skyscrapers and stores of it's neon lit street.

Venture east into the lost tribes of the jungles and explore their riches. Learn from ancient tribes and lay traps for others that may follow you.

Head west to seek the ancient temples of the Old Gods and discover the legendary doorways to the heavens, as written by ancient scholars and explorers, to gain the power of the gods themselves.

MAP: Large

LEVEL: Expert.


WORLD: NO BOSSES DEFEATED.  All resources have been brought from other worlds, no resources have been mined or extracted for construction, and no items from chests taken.



NPC's Present: Angler Goblin Thinker, Tavernkeep, Stylist, Wizard, Tax Collector, Dryad, Arms Dealer  Nurse, Painter, Dye Trader, Demolitionist, Merchant, Mechanic.



                                                                     How to Download


Click on the button called Download. The file will be a compressed, zip file.


You will then need to un-zip by extracting the folder, using software like Winrar and finally copying the two files from the folder to your own terraria maps folder on your computer.


Located in (C:\Users\Yourname\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds)


Download Winrar software here for free if you need to.










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