Terraria Nation

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A map made by some fans of Terraria.

This world is old, a place were civilisations have come and gone. Great
skyscrapers pierce the sky and old castles and ancient ruins can still be found.

Terraria Nation is a normal
generated large, map on expert mode, with a large city and numerous new islands. Take flight and explore them for their beauty and riches.
There are more temples and chests to explore and loot, and as well as many hidden bases and secret layers. The map has a integrated teleporter system. Certain teleporter pads require gem stones to activate. 

Remain in Terraria City, ride the subway, seek and loot the shopping centre and stores of it's neon lit streets. Leap high and explore into it's night sky from the tops of the skyscrapers. 
Safe from the wild wilderness and beings that lurk in the night.


Venture east into the lost tribes in the Great Jungle and explore and exploit it's riches. Learn the ways of the ancient tribes and lay traps for others that may follow you.


Daring travelers head west to seek the ancient temples of the Old Gods and discover the legendary doorways to the heavens, as written by ancient scholars and explorers who sought the power of the gods for themselves.


Or traverse at light speed through the mysterious ancient trans matter relays, placed by an unknown ciivilisation.

Those that collect the legendary gems of the Gods, can access the most sacred trans matter doorways, said to of been used by the ancient Gods themselves.

MAP: Large

LEVEL: Expert


WORLD: NO BOSSES DEFEATED.  All resources have been brought from other worlds, no resources have been mined or extracted for the construction of this world, and no items from chests have been taken.  Though much of the surface has been enhanced and terraformed. 



NPC's Present: Angler Goblin Thinker, Tavernkeep, Stylist, Wizard, Tax Collector, Dryad, Arms Dealer  Nurse, Painter, Dye Trader, Demolitionist, Merchant, Mechanic.



                                                                     How to Download


Click on the button called Download. The file will be a compressed, zip file.


You will then need to un-zip by extracting the folder, using software like Winrar and finally copying the two files from the folder to your own terraria maps folder on your computer.


Located in (C:\Users\Yourname\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds)


Download Winrar software here for free if you need to.










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