Terraria Mart

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This is a custom world created partially in game and mostly in TEdit. There are all three dungeon colors. Almost all chests have been removed from world generation (dungeon chests excluded) due to the chest limit. I have placed a single chest on the surface for each the snow biome and the jungle biome containing the deleted items that would be found in the chests when exploring. There are still some chests scattered throughout the world in the biomes. I have also placed a chest containing the types of chests that have been removed for your own placement (keep in mind the chest limit {currently at 984}). There are biomes for fishing in locations relative to where all fish can be caught (including quest fish). I have a large plant garden as well as a strange plant farm (credit to Blaine) and bait farming area. There are a few AFK farms placed around the world (credit goes to HappyDays for creation). Living quarters in the snow biome is an ice castle (credit goes to Stabzor for original creation. Modifications made by myself). There is a cosmetic mountain that was copied from another world, but i cannot remember who the credit goes to. There are some other farms around for various things (credit to DicemanX and ZeroGravitas). Eastredwoodman gets credit for the chlorophyte farm. All pre-hardmode bosses have been downed with the exception of Wall of Flesh. I have probably forgotten a few things here and there, but that makes is fun for you to explore! 


I do not know how well the hardmode farms will work being pre-hardmode, but they are there for when they are needed. All NPCs are present (minus santa). All crafting stations are placed as well. If you want an authentic experience, you can always kill the NPCs and remove crafting stations. My goal was an all around farm world, with everything still left to explore. 


If any of these things belong to you and you did not want them shared, i will gladly remove the map. I just wanted to share what i have found to be amazing work and creativity.  


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