Terraria Complete 1.2.4

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Made for vanilla survival gameplay in, the map was made by piecing together elements from nearly 100 large maps using the map editing tool TEdit. It has original and new pre-hardmore ores, and the new (but not the old) hardmode ores. There are all 3 colors of dungeon linked together, 6 living trees, 2 pyramids, over 20 hives, 12 floating islands, and 2 jungle temples. All colors of cave moss also appear. One of both Corruption and Crimson are present, found together, but the world will generate a stripe of crimson on Hardmode. The moon is normal grey, and the biome backgrounds are, what I think, the prettiest. Anything not to the player's liking, such as backgrounds, ore types, other various world properties, etc. can be edited by the player in TEdit themselves if they so choose.

To install the map, simply go to where your world saves are, usually ".../documents/my games/Terraria/Worlds" and put it there.

Ver. 1.0

  • Release.

Ver. 1.1

  • Updated to smooth out some "hard cutting" areas that I overlooked when cutting/pasting.
  • Removed half of the floaring islands, leaving 12 total.
  • Added the new pre-hardmore ores to world generation. They are slightly rarer than old ores.

Ver. 1.2

  • Changed some terrain to look prettier.
  • New ores have spawned more frequently in the jungle.
  • Angler is now more likely to spawn at either beach.
  • Smoothed out even more hard cutting areas.
  • Added some treasures to chests around the world.
  • Added a couple easter eggs!

Ver. 1.2.1

  • Fixed an issue with crashes.


To Do

  • Find a way to generate all 6 hardmode ores. (Generate 3 of them beforehand, letting the player generate the other 3?)
  • Smooth out more "hard cutting" issues with terrain and half-blocks.
  • Reassure that at least one of every unique treasure can be found somewhere in the world.
  • Make a "small" version of the map maybe.


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