Terraria Biome Dome Survival

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So this is my second ever map, this one took more work but it's finally finished! I just randomly got this idea, when I was playing the other day and well... I made my idea became real. The map might be little more challenging than normal world, but it's fun tho, so please give it a try.  Here's help how to get this into your Terraria: Unzip the file, Copy/Move the .wld file that's inside the zip file to Terraria's worlds folder wich normally is here: C:\Users\(YOUR NAME)\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds After the file is there it should appear in your worlds selection.


This map contains/Has to offer:


~All official Terraria biomes including Hallow, wich spawns naturally after defeating WoW. (Corruption world, so of course crimson is not included!)

~Overall the near same capabilities as normal small world would have.

~Some custom elements such as: Custom sky islands, Some chests and starting gear.

~Terraria can be fully completed with this map. (At least what I tried I was able to complete it)

~No custom modified op item spawns, all is almost identical to vanilla (This means you won't find unreal terrarian from the first chest you open!)

~The world is normal not expert.

~Doesn't include every item that normal world would have, example Statues There's not every statue.



This should be all I hope you enjoy this piece of art or crap what ever you think.

If anything is wrong or I missed something be sure to comment down below! V


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