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Telepods is a competitive multiplayer minigame inside Terraria that revolves around a simple gameplay mechanic. 

The playing field consists of an array of small pods each containing a teleporter and four levers. Each lever teleports you to an adjacent pod (left lever goes left, top goes up, etc.) and if you teleport into a pod someone else is in, you "kill" them (they're sent to a room saying they lost and allowing them to spectate on the rest of the game).


The game is currently in an early beta but in the future will have several different gamemodes and other official things! Just need to nail down the wiring.


Current version: Beta 1.0

Current gamemodes: FFA (last alive wins)

YOU WILL NEED A ROD OF DISCORD AND FALL DAMAGE PROTECTION TO PLAY! (RoD for if you're the winner, there's no win mechanic yet) 




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