Super Mario Terraria - The Series

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Super Mario Terraria - The Series



A series of Adventure maps inspired by Paper Mario 64

Play as Mario and/or Luigi, help them on their quest to rescue Princess Peach and save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction!





- Create a new character 


- Keep your pickaxe


- Only take half the items in a chest.


- Throw away all starting items.


- If you get bombs, only use them on the gold and silver blocks.


- Do not build! Only build blocks if you are ordered to.


- If you get a lucky drop from an enemy that might be considered cheating, don't use it!




1. Download the file
2. Locate your Terraria Maps folder, it should be located
:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds
3. Extract "Super Mario Terraria - The Series"  into the worlds folder
4. Launch the game, in Terraria you should see both of the Super Mario Terraria maps in your map selection.
5. DONE!

Special Thanks to

- Thanks to all of the testers!
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