Stopping the Darkness

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Stopping The Darkness

After about 6 months of on and off working Stopping the Darkness is finally done!

Team: Stackerzgame - Made the map Kainark - Helped with a lot of the building designs and some dialogue connery0 - Tested the map and helped work out a lot of bugs

About: - Single player - Huge map - Puzzles, Quests, Side Quests, developed characters, developed story, complex wiring, parkour. - You play as a boy who is destined to save Terraria from the darkness. There is three whole islands full of quests and other things to explore. Take your time while saving the world, do some side quests, play some minigames. Along with three islands, there is three dungeons each with a custom boss (Not modded) to beat. It will all end with one epic boss fight. This map is full of parkour, innovative puzzles, and wiring.

All the complex wiring means there is bound to be bugs, so please tell me about them so I can fix them.

Please download, play, and leave feedback.


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