Starship Enterprise E (Star Trek)

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This is a project i worked on foa long time through different updates to get the ship to function the way i wanted to. It is an in game scale model of the Enterprise E which is why it took me so long to build. 



Notable Ship Features:

  • Transporter system set up to take you from shuttle at map home to all over the main ship and captains yacht
  • When not using transporters in ship you can get around quickly using the turbo lifts
  • 3 Cargo Bays full of storage space 
  • 2 Shuttle Bays with proper opening doors + 1 functioning shuttle door
  • All NPC's unlocked to populate the ship but map was untouched otherwise.
  • *Turn on/off the warp core by use of a dilithium crystal in engineering
  • ** Yellow/ Red alert system through out the ship
  • I added a few more details but you can find those on your own.  


* Please remove the dilithum crystal from core before logging out, it acts weird the next time you log in if you left the machine running, 

** You cant run both yellow alert and red alert at the same time you need to shut one off so the other will operate.

** You can enable the yellow/ Red alert from Bridge or Main Engineering  however if you turn the system on at one location and off at the other it will act strange so i advise you don't do that . 


Have Fun exploring the ship. 


Copyright and stuff: "As i put countless hours into this project, it would be a kind gesture to credit me should you intend to reuse my design in your own maps. Not like i would go out of my way to hunt you down and find you Liam Neeson style if you don't. Also noteworthy that Enterprise, Star Trek, NC-1701-E are registered Trademarks of CBS Studios." 


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