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Welcome to Skyrim in Terraria!

New Town Added 8/26/12 Name: Gashling World - World 5 Character- Gordon

The world looks like Skyrim, it has towns, caves, dungeons, Inns, shops, jarls, castles, Bandits, Robbers. Yet it is Terraria!

In this map you are placed as the Adventurer Gordon. You are free to explore the World of Skyrim, help, steal, murder, help, betray. It's your world!

This map has no story line or main quests, it's all up to you!

Caves Get any items you can find Chat Shop

Fight Quest


1. No destroying or adding blocks unless told to or if it's on a property you own! 2. Only steal from chests with "Steal" next to it. 3. Use the buy option responsibly, pay the right amounts and put the money next to the item you bought. 4. Take items in quest chest only after you do quest, put any items you were suppose to retrieve in quest in the chest. 5. Don't steal characters clothes! Ever! 6. Follow the damn rules! Endless Fun! This is the best part! If things go to plan I will be able to update this map every 1 or 2 weeks, adding new towns, changing dialogue, quests, prices, and character development.

What you can do - Play, comment, stay updated, post pictures of your house, leave suggestions for future towns, make videos, spread the word.

Play it by yourself, on servers, with friends, for videos, for your self, if your bored with Terraria.

Towns: So far Solemn - Solemn is very close to the center of Skyrim, due to that fact many shops are set up, also a lot of travelers pass through. The climate is warmish, no snow unless it's winter. Solemn sides with the StormCloaks. Friendliness rating = 4/5.

To come Hirock - Hirock is in the center of Skyrim and is very rich. A lot of bandits, businessmen, shop owners, and merchants hang out in this busy town, while few actually live there. This towns busy nature makes some people, especially locals very Irate. Hirock sides with the Imperials as it is the center of all Skyrim. The fact that it's nearest town holds StormCloak camps causes a lot of fighting on the way in between towns. Friendliness rating = 3/5 So far

There is 2 towns so far, Solemn and Gashling. But I plan to add a new Town in every update. Solemn has caves, stores, houses, a castle, a farm, a camp, people.

What I plan to do: More shops - Mechanics, reforge More Towns - Add a new town in every Update More caves - Fill the world with caves! Sell option - Option to sell certain items More races - Add races like Kajit and others from Elder Scrolls. Creation Compendium - Add something from the weekly theme in Creation Compendium that gets featured every week.

The current season is Summer.