Skyblock/SkyIsland Survival

Through the understanding of various game mechanics, and a lot of patience, it is possible to go from a simple island to defeating the Moon Lord!


This map features:

  • Starting Island (chest with optional items for a faster start)
  • Crimson Altar Island
  • Golem Temple Island
  • Desert Island
  • Dungeon Island (Only the Castle)
  • Boiling Lake of Lava (don't' fall)

 Note: The coordinates on the sign are from Terraria Edit, for actual compass/depth meter coordinates read below

(453W,400S), (950W,848S), (1464W,84N), and (2357E,180N)

This map was created for classic mode, if you would like to play on a different difficulty it may be possible to edit the world.

If you are confused about what to do, refer to the terraria wiki for guides on artificial biome creation, water duplication, and other mechanics that could be useful.

If you would like me to make a custom guide please let me know by commenting.

Hope you enjoy!