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Rising Atlantis


Rising Atlantis has been an ongoing endeavor to build what may be one of the largest, most ambitious maps in Terrarian history. Started April 1, 2013, Rising Atlantis is still very much work in progress and has a long way to go before anyone can deem it “complete”, but through the efforts of everyone working on Rising Atlantis, we hope to someday bring our goals into reality. At first, Rising Atlantis may just seem like an oddly formed creation map, but that is not at all the truth. Rising Atlantis is aimed for use in a future Roleplaying Server: “Atlanthia”, because of this, everything built for Rising Atlantis is heavily lore based or has some purpose for roleplaying.

The map is currently available for download in a beta form for any follower of the project to obtain for exploration and testing. A fair warning; large quantities of the map are currently incomplete making it difficult to navigate, it is best advised to use a well equipped character with a neptunes shell, wings, and a grappling hook to easily navigate.

Current Map Version: 0.0.2

Current Map Includes: -Port Maris -Urbs Vita (WIP) -Industrial Weapons Plant -Mines of Azalon -Vita Public Arena -Shrine to Tempus -Azalon Mine Shafts -Shrine to Atlanthia -Fort Aberdeen -SOP (WIP) -Serpant Spire -Minervana Institute (WIP) -Shrine to Maris -Simia Capitol -Shrine to Juniper -Shrine to Salvus -ThE PeNeTrAtIoN PoInT -The Siram Post

For all information on Rising Atlantis and most up to date info, please follow the link presented: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/rising-atlantis-world-build-wip.97372/**