PvP Pre-Hardmode

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PvP Pre-Hardmode

This is a map for PvP (duh).

This is my first map, so if there is anything wrong, like, for example, the items being too weak or powerful, let me know through the comments and i will try to fix it ASAP.

If you download this map, then a big Thanks for you!

  • 3 Classes to choose from! (Summoner left out due to its PvP non-capabilities)
  • 5 Different maps to fight in!
  • 6-Player fun! (No 7/8th player due to summoner being left out)
  • Fun!

If i have time, then i will try to make an Early-Hardmode version, and eventually a Post-Plantera version.

This map was created by the Terraria world generator, and the user Acepridi built everything you see on the custom(?) map.


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