Orion's Castle


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Orion's Castle

This map is simply the home I built after losing all my data and restarting Terraria. It became a labor of love, and this is a very compact easy to use home, with plenty of features to aid in playing the base game.


1. Defensive western face (I don't seem to have any real problems with the east, just the west. Even all the Goblin armies seem to come from there.) 2. Well designed living quarters for NPC's(with active stone block wall that blocks npc's from walking into arena when you're fighting a boss.) 3. Compact crafting area with every type of crafting tool(except tinker's workshop which is with the tinkerer, and demon altar.) 4. Goldfish factory in the attic(uses Choklodakan's crab engine design to create an automatic goldfish factory that spawns and kilss goldfish automatically, which you can then sell for almost 2g a stack) 5. Obsidian generator, with a Choklodakan crab engine attached to it's pump assembly(all located in the basement.) 6. Several herb farms with the notable exclusion of deathweed(there are a lot of chasm's in the level, so deathweed is extremely easy to come by in the wild already.) 7. 6-block wide hellevator(will eventually post the finished bricked in version later.) 8. SkyTower, for travelling up to a good place to farm Wyverns and Harpies. 9. Trophy room, full of empty storage chests and a collection of statues. 10. Dart trap on western face for automated defense(those nights where you just don't care anymore.) 11. Ton's of Items I just decided to keep instead of selling(including a lot of Godly item versions!) 12. The arena, which extends to the nearest hill's edge, which gives the player a pretty good run horizontally to dodge/fight bosses. 13. And last, but not least, the Hellbridge: for Farming Wall of Flesh for items/gold.(It travels West to East in this map)


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