The Old Abandoned Mines

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Map Overview

Hey everybody! It is once again time to reveal a brand new custom map! I decided to get away from the whole portal thing I had kind of established for myself to branch out into a new type of map entirely! This map focuses mainly on parkour, but there is a bit of adventuring thrown into the mix as well. I've spent even more time on this map than the second portal map! If I had to guess, I'd say the total is probably around 120 hours over the past 2 weeks!

New Features

  • Many achievements are detailed throughout the map! Some hidden and some that are given in the form of challenges that you can take on as you progress normally!
  • I actually gave the map a detailed story this time!
  • Many new gameplay mechanics that you have yet to see from myself, and maybe one or two nobody has ever seen from anyone! ;D



I'd appreciate if you could post your feedback on the Terraria Community Forums on the thread here if possible.


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