Modern World Download!

13,518 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 25, 2012

ModernWorld was originally a server map made by both Hallow and I (Corruption). We have both descided to put this map up for download because there were far to many people joining our server =D. we didn't think our server would recieve up to 50 player average (Each Day) so we decided a method that would allow everybody to experience the true quality of ModernWorld!

ModernWorld is a small world with many structures and creations, 70% of these structers were hand built by Hallow and I. These structures consist of 2 PVP arenas, Roads and Walkways, More then 5 Pixel Art Original Creations, 10-20 houses, 400+ rooms, Hellhole that is both usable by Low Leveled players and Experienced players, Hell Castle (In Progress), Wall Of Flesh Super Arena, Sky Bridge, Ores still Mineable, Dart Trap dodgeing arena, Lava Airstrike Prototype, Obsidian Generators, Liquid Speed Disabler system, Waterfall (without wiring device), and Massive Farms including a Mimic, Crystal and soul of light Super Fight.


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