Memories: An RPG adventure map


This is a story driven adventure map. You, the player have cursed induced amnesia. You first wake up next to a well and must rediscover parts of your life and get your curse Lifted.

This is my first adventure map and is not finished. I have flesh out the current content and debugged (hopefully) all the problems. I have released this first part of this adventure map for feedback on building adventure maps.

The rules are simple. Trash all starter items. no breaking blocks no placing blocks (unless you get stuck in a place where you should be able to get out of) don't mess with npc housing

Note: The mechanic is in the place where she is for convenience of easy access to pressure plates and wire for developing the map, pay no mind to her.

most announces from announcement signs are a one time thing so you will want to pay attention to them as they often contain hints or advances the story. This is so you don't constantly trigger them as you go back to some places.

One more thing. Please give constructive feedback if you have any. Thank you.


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