Mega Man XT1

1,904 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019

1 or 2 Players


Based on the Mega Man X series for Playstation. Zero and/or X have to fight through 6 regular stages and defeat the 6 maverick bosses before they can access the 4 Sigma stages. This game has multiple endings.


You can play the game on normal difficulty or try Ultimate Hunter mode. As an Ultimate Hunter you will be prevented from getting hearts, items, and boss upgrades. More and harder monsters will spawn as well to challenge you.


Normal ending: Beat the game

Collector ending: Collect all the items and hearts

Secret ending: Obtain Zero's secret upgrade

2-Player ending: Beat the game with two people

Mega Man ending: Collect all 9 Mega Man gems

Ultimate Hunter ending: Beat the game on Ultimate Hunter mode

Side ending: Use the temple key and defeat ???

Ultimate Side ending: Use the temple key and defeat ??? on Ultimate Hunter mode


Game manual


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