The Legend of Cthulu - Version 2.1

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As you wake up and get out of bed, you notice the castle is empty, and you are alone - this is unusual. Merely hours ago you were woken by the sounds of the residents returning to their bunks, shortly after the Prince's birthday celebration had ended. There are no signs of a party, but the sacred vaults have been opened. You shout out, expecting a reply, but the only response to be had was the echo of your own voice.

This map will take you from being a simple noble to a Terrarian Legend, you will battle forward in a compelling adventure to find both your friends, and the cause of the Terrarian Curse and stop it once and for all; before it's too late. The map is focused on linear adventure but there are spots of parkour and strategy, everything is completable try not to ragequit :D

BUG - Because the spawnpoint is in a wall when you spawn you will knock down part of a wall and the door, just replace them accordingly and be on your way. Rules are listed ingame.

You choose one class and you stick with it throughout the adventure, which means once you pick a class and come across another sacred vault later on in the map, you cannot change your class. What might seem like a weak class in the beginning could become more powerful in later levels.

(I would add some screenshots but it would possibly spoil the adventure.)


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