Jemlok Castle

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Jemlok Castle v1.4

Hardmode castle puzzle map with modified/enhanced world, designed for players who want to experience hardmode and late-game content without too much grind.

The only rules:
- Start with a new character (starting equipment is provided in chests, and a variety of weapons and accesories are available in the Castle)
- Don't mess with wiring or minetrack network (Mechanic remains trapped in Dungeon, and electrics chests locked)

ZIP contains 4 files: Expert/Non-Expert & Locked/Unlocked.

1. Make sure Steam cloud save for Terraria is turned off (right-click game in your Steam Game Library list, select properties, then updates tab where Steam cloud tick-box can be found)
2. Copy any .wld files you want to play to your Terraria Worlds folder: 'My Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds' - or if you are using tmodloader & mods: 'My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Worlds'
3. Load the game - worlds should be available for you to play.

Map features:

- Dual Corruption/Crimson hardmode stripes that coincide with surface Corruption/Crimson
- Hardmode ores spawned - smashing altars will generate alternate hardmode ores
- Map-spanning underground minetrack network, with access to all biomes, Dungeon & Lihzahrd Temple
- Rainbow Slime/Mini Event farm close to castle
- Skeletron, Brain of Cthulhu & Duke Fishron arenas
- Fishing spots for all biomes
- Falling meteor
- Fallen meteorite
- Fallen desert meteorite
- 3 very explosive medusa spawn marble biomes for ultimate medusa rage antidote
- 5 underground Slime Shrines with special loot
- Dungeon with large areas of all 3 background wall types
- Expanded Lihzahrd Temple
- Jungle House (connected to castle by teleporter)
- Beach House (connected to castle by teleporter)
- 9 biome specific sky islands, 3 with mini crimson & corruption chasms, 2 with mini-pyramids
- 3 stylised pyramids with special loot
- 3 living trees, 2 stylised
- 5 Enchanted Sword Shrines, 4 with swords, 1 with...
- 4x dungeon biome chest sets
- Pirate map & floating coral farms in ocean
- Bouncy castle in the sky
- Safe jungle
- Enhanced shadow, pyramid & sky island chest loot

- Starting gear in chests near spawn
- Hardmode weapons & accessories on racks and in chests
- Organised chests with most common items for easy quick-stacking
- Gemlocked Corruption/Meteor & Crimson/Molten armour & weapon rooms
- Gemlocked hardmode armour rooms
- Gemlocked Pillar armour & weapon rooms (Pillar gemlock room unlocks when Corruption & Crimson rooms are open)
- Gemlocked crate stash rooms
- Rooftop arena (unlocks when Corruption & Crimson rooms are open)
- Picture Galleries
- Complete banner, terrarium, music box, statue & vanity set display room
- Night-activated hallway lighting
- Night activated fallen star conveyor belt farm
- Auto-refilling liquid/obsidian/honey block generators
- Semi-automated pumpkin, mushroom, cactus & herb farm
- Fully automated glowing/vile/vicious mushroom farms
- Semi-automated jungle bait & life fruit farm
- Fishing pools for underground corruption & crimson, honey & lava
- Underground Minecart Stations
- Night activated lamp posts in main castle hallway
- Hellevator
- Sensor activated doors
- All lighting fully wired


- Gem stacks removed from castle chest
- wld file filenames now match in-game world names

- Underground minetrack fixed in jungle and far right pyramid
- Duke Fishron arena fixed so you no longer teleport off the map
- Chest contents sorted, stacks limited & standardised
- Only 2 wld files in ZIP - expert & non-expert Corruption (as Crimson/Corruption makes no difference to gameplay)

- Pillar armour gemlock room inaccessible until Crimson & Corruption rooms have been unlocked
- Hotline Fishing Rod can be found in hell Shadow Chests
- Missing armour sets in Corruption & Crimson room chests added
- Contents added to several empty Ice Chests (victims of the 'too many chests' world overload)
- Well Come Announcement Box activation deactivated by entering castle
- Hellevator torches water-proofed (cursed & ichor torches used)
- King/Queen Statues & activation added to Underground Stations
- Fireproof platforms across middle third of hell
- Smashing Demon/Crimson Altars will spawn alternative hardmode ores (world already has large amounts of cobalt, orichalcum & adamantite ore - smashing altars will spawn palladium, mythril & titanium)
- More platinum coins available in castle (for wings & reforging)

- 10 stack of life crystals in castle chest removed
- Underground rooms that lead off from pyramid shafts now contain special loot
- 50 stacks of wooden/iron/gold crates in castle chest reduced to 1
- Announcement boxes at spawn changed to signs (map v1.3 box deactivation provided player with pressure plates & access to wiring)
- Stack of 15 Teleportation Potions in castle chest reduced to 5
- Invisible access to castle side tunnels from farm rooms made more obvious
- Statue mounting blocks in crate rooms changed to bouncy bricks to prevent death from fall damage
- Pink spy lights added to top of loot rooms at sides of castle & announcemnt boxes added
- Castle signs are more explanatory
- Switches changed to pressure plates at bottom of crate rooms for added fun/annoyance
- Amount of starting gear reduced (removed items available in castle chests)

v1.3.2 hotfix
- A hardmode weapon room was accidentally left open after last edit/save

- Various fixes along underground minecart routes, including honey bubble dismount on slow minecarts problem & explosive traps along minetracks removed
- Various underground traps broken by worldgen fixed & added to
- Special enchanted sword shrine fixed
- Sky chest loot improved for hardmode
- Mini corruption & crimson chasms & orbs added to biome specific sky islands above main biomes
- Secret room access & loot added to corruption pyramid
- Cobwebs added to crate rooms
- More empty underground chest repair refills
- Random Lihzahrd Temple bricks under temple fixed
- Golem spawn room in Lihzahrd Temple extended widthways x3


- Locked/unlocked expert/non-expert wld files now included
- Mushroom sky island improved
- 2 mini pyramids added to sky islands
- Fallen star conveyor belt farm doubled up for 400% better efficiency (star impact often penetrated single layer conveyor, got stuck in 2 block thick conveyor, so 2 layers forming a tunnel it now is)
- Regular lit access openings added to fallen star conveyor belt farm
- Hallow pyramid redecorated and some peril added
- 3 marble biomes lit and wired with medusa statues & explosives for ultimate medusa rage antidote - and 99% destruction of biome (the other 1% is your safe zone)
- Cosmetic & functional improvements to rooftop arena
- Left ocean beach extended to allow for more palm tree growth
- All actuated doors in castle increased to 4 blocks in height to allow for mounts
- Underground signs added to pyramids
- Item frame in herb garden fixed & staff of regrowth placed on it
- More underground trap fixes/enhancements
- Dungeon fishing pool expanded
- Castle ground floor night activated lights toggled correctly
- Plantera bulbs that spawned during world construction removed
- Random mid-air shadow orb removed from corruption sky island


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