Ichabod's Mansion

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Ichabod's Mansion is an adventure map by Clay Burton (Toastilio), 1.5 years in the making in which the player must explore the dark, mysterious and intricate mansion of the late Ichabod Deeds, with the goal to find and steal as much of his hidden treasure as possible. After the death of his mother, Ichabod slowly began a descent into insanity until he lost his mind, murdered his family and booby-trapped his house maniacally to his death, sealing his most valuable possessions at the top of his watchtower.

The gameplay centres around finding light-switches and treasure given the available lighting in order to progress, whilst surviving booby-traps and the attacks of monsters riddled throughout the mansion. The goal is to find as many gemstones as possible, with the finish line being the top of the watchtower.

Optimized for one-player, but playable with two as well.

The rules are all on the signs on the beginning of the map, but to be sure, here they are again:

1. Please play with a BLANK CHARACTER

2. Use the "COLOR" light-setting, the gameplay depends on it

3. Do no place any object down, with the exception of COBWEB

4. Do not use the pickaxe or axe you begin with, though you may use the SWORD

5. Should you 'deactivate' a dirt block with the dirt rod, you may ONLY place it exactly where it was before you began moving it


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