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Hi all. This is going to be the longest thorough updates notes. That I'm about to explain.

What's new in this update is that I've further sorted the chest storage area. I've also cut down on a lot of water chest in the water chest storage area. Because of the 1000 chests limit. I will turn the underwater chest storage area into something else.


I have done a lot of thinking and finally got creative and got the King's Temple fully furnished and organised. There is a storage area under the temple. And two fountains outside either side of the temple, with teleports to the statue farms. A sub teleport underneath the farm to place the banners in. Since banners with Stardust Dragon minion acts as a multiplier. Also I built a sky sculptor of Anubis as well.


Minecart tracks are teleportedly linked to the next destinations. As the minecart tracks going outside of multi themed mansion was actually a space waster. I will redo the mincart tracks once I've come up with a rollercoaster ride with the minecart tracks. To make the journey more interesting, and not boring. In a future project goal, after more structures/buildings etc have been built.


Speaking of teleports. Some teleports have been cut down. And more sub teleports have been added. A direct teleport to the Prince & Princess Castle, in place of the Pumpkin shaped house and Love Cupid Area. And to teleport to those locations. You use the sub teleport switches via in the Prince & Princess Castle leleport. Also I still haven't got the ballroom setup yet in the castle. I'm thinking about adjusting the bottom shape of the castle. Since that section is a bit boxy. Also working out where I'm going to put the minecart terminal at.


Under the Prince & Princess castle. There is a Tetris room area as well.



When you teleport to the Love Cupid Area via the left switch in the Prince & Princess Castle. Just go to the left side and jump on the clouds to visit the Tetris floating island. Which will soon have a Tetris shaped house there, in a future file update. Also the Love Cupid Area has been relocated. It's now above the Prince & Princess Castle. Also there is a Tetris blocks heart shaped sculpture there as well.


Fishington has honey, water and lava silos under the building. Pumps will be added in a future update. Also underneath Fishington hotel. I've started building an underwater home which is at the moment unfinished.


Pumpkin Moon Arena has been added back. Transferred from the first file release. I will be working on getting an AFK set for the arena.


In the jungle biome. I have worked out where I'm going to place treetop village at. As I've flattened an area partly. I just have to come up with what each village buildings are going to look like.


The UFO on top of the multi theme mansion. Has been updated. The shape has been improved to support honey, lava and water mini silos. Since UFOs do need some sort of resources. The interior has been also updated. To give it more character. There is a sub teleport to a UFO in orbit in space. And the interior matching the spacescape. There is UFO at one of the Crimson biomes. As I felt Crimson biome kinda reminds me of Mars. So a Martian base will be built there. After the Martian base has been built. It will be available in a future file update.


Minor improvements to the multi theme mansion appearance and features.


I have sorted the weapons from the main storage area. And relocated most of them to the weapons rack area. Since it seemed pointless having weapons in the main storage area. When the space could be used to store other things.


There is a habitat area where caged critters can be stored at. The potted biomes trees. Has been uplifted onto a platform base. So you can walk under them. A critters farm is yet to be added. Next to the cage critters on display.

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