Homelands (WIP)

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Hi all I'm currently working on building this map still.

The map features a multi themed mansion place. Where you will be spawned at. On the left side of the mansion is a Telepads room with Teleports to visit other areas of the world. There are 16 main teleports in the telepads room. Also on left side of the multi themed mansion has some defenses to enemies. Just switch the switch to turn on the defense. Plus the left & right side entrances has no door entrance. Only pressure plate walls to toggle open and close it open.

Under the multi themed mansion. There's also a mushroom biome and a mini jungle biome. Loads of storage spaces as well.

Certain underground areas are shielded from evil biomes with glass blocks. So they're won't spread into those biomes. If you don't mind the evil biomes spreading. You can remove the glass blocks barriers. That are separating from corrupted or crimson blocks.

The water chest storage area is for rarer items and hard obtainable items to be stored at. So if you were to play the map with friends. They wouldn't be able to steal anything as they'll drown. Unless they have that pink shell (forgot the name) that turns you into a fish to breathe endlessly. So that place is a place where you can store your most precious goods & valuables. The other storage chest areas can be used for common or uncommon items. Or emergency stash storage.

Just recently I have added a Crypt which is also an armory. And you can display over 320 weapons on the weapon racks.

And a new bigger arena. Especially designed for Planterra. And is an AFK arena as well.


I'm going to fill you in with my Terraria story. For when I first played it. And how this mansion began.

When I purchased Terraria last year July. I was unsure what to build. So I just built a small basic mansion out of stone. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Original concept of Homelands multi theme mansion

I've then decided to get creative and renovate each room with different blocks and walls. So it would give the rooms some character. 

First mansion improvements

I then continued expanding and making more changes to the mansion. Before the first file release was published here.

I've been addicted to Terraria ever since I purchased it through Steam, last year July 2016. This is my very first build that I'm working on improving.


After when I cannot do more to this mansion. I will work on another different, but better shaped, multi themed mansion.


When the project is finished and there isn't anything left to do. I will release 6 different Homelands world difficulty files. Ranging from Normal, normal pre-hardmode, normal hardmode, Expert, expert pre-hardmode and expert hardmode. In a .zip file.


News Update 12th July 2017 - New File Update

Hi all. I've got my internet security renewed. And I've got a new file update ready for you to download and visit. To see the changes I've done, since previous file update.



  • King's Temple furbished and renovated including some statue farms (Completed) 
  • Various Sculptures in the sky. (In Progress)
  • UFO appearance updated & a UFO in orbit.
  • Fishington Updated
  • Most items in chest storage area under left side of multi theme mansion sorted & better organised.
  • Multi theme mansion some appearance adjustments.
  • Tetris Area under Prince & Princess Castle. 
  • Potted Trees updated

 King's Temple Improvements

Right click image these images and view from source for a larger view.


Fishington Improvements


Tetris Blocks Heart Shape Sculpture


Tetris Area Under Prince & Princess Castle


UFO Appearance Update & In Orbit


Potted Trees Updated


Please note that the previous Homelands Small world file. Hasn't been updated with the changes that the Large world file has got. As that is the original world, before I transferred the buildings into a larger world via Tedit. Also please read the "Current Plan Notes" in recent file update and the other earlier files notes via Files tab and clicking the file names to open up the past file update notes.


Please read the change notes via new file. For a thorough detailed explanation of what's added and what's changed. Also you can read the past file update notes in earlier previous files, that was here in overview. Also you can view the images here for a larger view.



Next File Update - Coming Soon

 Estimate Date: T.B.A. (To Be Announced)



  • Hell Mansion furbished with easy exits for Wall of Flesh battle

  • King's Temple area as more depth added
  • Multi theme mansion storage chest area fully sorted
  • A simple TARDIS console room built


Telepad Teleporter Room Locations

There is soon going to be sub teleports from each location teleports. With another lever and wired differently to another location. Say for example how that's going to work. Is that say you just teleported to King's Temple. There is another switch or lever next to the teleport. Use it and it will teleport you to an underground area directly beneath your location. Because I've noticed in the world there are incomplete built homes/shelter. I was thinking of linking those areas to adjacent location teleports. For easy access. When I do, do it. This section will be updated with sub teleports to each underground biomes and underground built areas.


Also please note that these teleport locations. Will be updated. Matching the recent file update!

  • Bottom Row of Teleport areas
  1. Fishington (Has a basic Shark Farm)
  2. Prince & Princess Castle • Sub Teleport Left Switch Love Cupid Area. Right Switch Pumpkin House
  3. King's Temple
  4. Cactus House
  • Third Row of Teleport areas
  1. Unlinked
  2. Snowington
  3. Hell Mansion (Coming Soon)
  4. East Dungeon
  • Second Row of Teleport areas
  1. Unlinked 
  2. Unlinked
  3. Unlinked
  4. Unlinked


  • First Row of Teleport area
  1. Unlinked 
  2. Unlinked
  3. Unlinked
  4. UFO (But will UFO will be moved to space station base once built) • Sub Teleport to UFO in orbit

I am going to be putting some teleports around the mansion. So you can get around the mansion more easily. Plus some teleports will have sub teleports to other areas. Until I understand how the logic bulb lights etc works. When I do, do that. I will update this section.


Bugs I'm Aware of or have been fixed

  1. Snowman shaped house platforms is also toggled when using pressure plate. (Properly Fixed in v1.6 file update).
  2. Planterra AFK new arena. The slime statues doesn't always respawn the slimes when trap switch is on. And causes an unexpected death by Planterra. Going to try and fix that problem, before the next file update. Also Planterra seemed to have adapted to my technique as my characters died when Planterra went into second form, after Planterra was under 15000 HP. As my character started taking damage from the tentacle like claws from passing through the character standing position. Even if the slime statue slime was making the character flicker. I'm thinking about changing the 1 sec timer to a 3 or 5 secs timer. To see if that would make a difference.
  3. Yesterday I was playing with a friend from Steam. And his friend joined in as well. And somehow later down the track, we was playing. My friend's friend got stuck somehow under the UFO's slope platform that was on top of the mansion. I had to remove that slope entrance to free his friend. His friend was using the portal gun a lot. So I will have to investigate how the portal was able to be fired through there.


Future Goals/Plans For This Project

  1. Rebuilding both Pumpkin & Frost Moons Arenas. Including teleports linked up to their areas.
  2. Building an underground mansion. Linked to the dungeon, joint with minecart tracks.
  3. Constructing a Mothership in sky. Possibly like a spaceship. From a movie or TV show.
  4. Constructing a treetops village in jungle area.
  5. Finishing each sky minecart terminals.
  6. Adding various farms. (Started)
  7. Built defense fortress on top of east dungeon entrance. But not fully finished. But is beatable with a friend or if your a solo player. It is possible with the help of a Stardust Dragon.
  8. Finishing the other storage spaces where chests are at.
  9. After everything is done. Renovating the style and shape of places. (in Progress)
  10. Improving the Shark farm at Fishington. (in Progress)
  11. Renovating and improving an abandon mansion in Hell biome. Including on adding a teleport down there. (In Progress)
  12. Right side ocean is going to have a surfaced pyramid.
  13. In the sky there will be a pirate ship built with some steampunk things.
  14. A general farm shed next to an airport landing strip.
  15. Underwater Marine built under the ocean.
  16. Doctor Who TARDIS console room interior.
  17. TRON grid underground place with some item shaped TRON assets like the 8-bit recognizer etc.
  18. Steampunk underground place.
  19. Fire, Earth, Water and Air temples based from Avatar.
  20. A small village in the desert with a Tavern.
  21. Building an Asian/China themed temple mansion. At right side of the outside East dungeon area.
  22. Building various sculptures in the sky so the sky isn't completely empty.
  23. A Tetris shaped clustered shape house. With the placed Tetris placed blocks as rooms. (Started)


Current Plan Notes I'm Working On or thinking about doing - Section last updated since 23rd Jan 2018

I haven't been working on this next update as regularly. I'm going through a rough time with personal problems. But I am going to continue with this project. In my mind I have a new layout for the multi themed mansion shape. I will be rebuilding it in another world temporarily until its fully built. Then I'll replace the current one with the new one via Tedit tool.


I've also decided to work on the courtyard as well. Where the multi themed mansion is as well. Just to add more realistic depth.


I've started building a simple TARDIS console room. The TARDIS rotors are going to be mixed with coloured gemspark blocks. Same relevant colours from an actual TARDIS console from Doctor Who TV show.


After I've refurbished a hell mansion. I'm hoping to create one from scratch. In the shape of a wall of flesh eye. 



Future Project Maps Planned

  1. Designing a sci-fi world with Tedit to feature various ships from different sci-fi movies and TV shows. (No clues or hints as its a surprise).
  2. Homelands 2 which would have the multi themed mansion, but rebuilt into a different shape. And different room shapes.



This section will be updated if there are more frequent questions that are asked.

Q. Where can I find the Telepads room?

A. You can easily find it at the left side of the multi theme mansion


Q. How can I enter in the music room?

A. To enter it is by going to the vanity room with all of the mannequins. One of the left side walls will open up automatically. (With a player sensor).


If you have any suggestions or improvements for me on what I can do to improve something. Please leave me a comment on this project of what it is. Or send me a letter mail about it.

If you like my creations in this project. Please leave me a PayPal donation in the Donate button next to the follow button. The donation can be any amount that you can afford to donate. As I would much appreciate your support as I've explained below in the green writing. So I can continue building and making this project better!


Hello everyone. Due to my financial situation. I will not be publishing anymore file updates for awhile. If I do, you will see the updated file release. Or if you have followed my project. You'll receive an email notification that the project has an updated file. Designing new building or structure layouts and planning what I want to do. Does take time until something inspires me to build something awesome. The reason why I won't be able to post a new file update any sooner. Is because I am finding it hard to manage the cost of living since I'm unemployed and not receiving any income. And I'm unable to renew my mobile broadband internet service. As my internet service Telstra isn't cheap. As it's the only reliable connection I can use in my location area. Whereas cheaper internet service providers here has unreliable internet service.





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