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Very large city map that is most fun in multiplayer.

Main Thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/havania-city-map.85575

05/12/12: Working on v3, click "Main Thread" link to see sneak peek picture.

05/08/12: Finished v2, featuring Cryo Town and Ziiath City!!

Production Backstory:

This city project started with a simple idea. I always disliked the architecture of other house maps. They weren't.....organized enough for my tastes. There was always this feeling of "compactness" that caused me not to appreciate the house itself. I wanted players to appreciate the houses in my map, to actually make this map feel like a city

So around late October 2011 I got ready for the 1.1 craze building placeholders for the new features previewed here at TerrariaOnline.

Finally, after it was released I started implementing new features from 1.1. I was making the final edits to the map around the time RedDigit announced he wasn't updating Terraria anymore. I got depressed that my map was to be left in the dust. Couple months or so pass without playing Terraria, and I decide one day not to let this work go down for nothing. So today, I present Havania!

This map features:

  • 2 very large cities with many, many houses.
  • Underground mushroom village
  • hellavator
  • Underground Snow Biome Village
  • mini "virtual reality" rooms with different biomes
  • public storage chests, great for multiplayer
  • designated admin room in city, with switch to all outside lights
  • small normal town right side of map
  • unfinished extra dungeon attached to normal dungeon leading to a large pit in underworld (supposed to have been boss arena for WoF, before I found out it constantly moves through the whole biome :(, it can be an awesome place to do PVP arena though, if you decided to do so, as the only way out (abliet Angel Wings and what-not) is through a magic mirror contained in a small room encompassed by lava!
  • Other minor buildings and features that I'll let you explore out. ;)



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