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My playthrough/guide can be found here: http://bit.ly/HarbingerPlaythrough


Harbinger is a SciFi themed adventure map set on a Lunar base under attack by aliens, and a computer virus. Your ship is ambushed, and you're forced to abandon it. After crash-landing on the moon's surface, work your way through the desolate base in an attempt to contact Earth and warn them of the pending attack. You will need to solve puzzles, fight waves of enemies, and parkour your way to victory.


Keep an eye out for secret areas! There are also achievements you can unlock throughout your journey. Both will help boost your score at the very end!


WARNING: This map is intended to be a challenge. As such, some of the parkour and puzzles can be quite challenging. 

Average Tester Playtime: Approximately 5 hours


This map is dedicated to the memory of my friend Jestex. He mentioned wanting to see me make an adventure map many times. I built this in honor of his request, though sadly he never got to see it.


Map Rules: 

  • Single player map
  • Start with a new softcore character (mediumcore/hardcore will break the map)
  • Delete all starting items
  • No placing or destroying blocks (Breaking down doors can ruin respawn progression!!!)
  • Do not use any items dropped from enemies or explosions, except keys
  • DO use keys!

Khaios' Recommendations:

  • Don't use map/minimap (it breaks immersion)
  • Use "color" lighting mode (the other modes are very dark, and make the map harder than intended)
  • Use autopause to assist with reading text popups
  • If you experience fps drops during intense moments, try changing your in-game frame skip to subtle or off

How to Install:

All you need to do is open the zipped folder, drag and drop (or copy/paste) the Harbinger v1.18.1wld file into "C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds". When you launch the game, you will see Harbinger on your world list.

No mods required!


Report bugs in the comments here, and I'll address them when I can. Have fun, and good luck ^.^


==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.10==========

  • Added "Easy Mode" - This mode is intended for players less interested in a challenge, and more interested in just seeing the map. Opting into easy mode, which is accessible at the start of the map, will give the player access to a chest containing health increase and survive-ability accessories. In exchange, however, the scoreboard and playtime clock at the end of the map will be disabled, and none of the secret endings will be accessible.
  • Tweaked First Portal Chamber to account for "Easy Mode."
  • Tweaked Portal Chamber 9 to account for "Easy Mode."
  • Added a message to first lunar parkour area with a hint on how to proceed.
  • Added a message to the final core room with a hint on how to proceed.

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.11==========

  • Fixed a spot where you could potentially get stuck in Portal Chamber 9

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.12==========

  • Fixed a broken teleporter hub at the end of the forge

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.13==========

  • Added text to weapons proficiency to add clarity to the puzzle
  • You should no longer be able to become trapped in the obstacle course maze
  • Ezri should no longer be able to become trapped in Chamber 7
  • Added another word option to the letter combination lock

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.14==========

  • Added Shiny Stone to starting loot
  • Tripled the number of starting health potions (normal mode)
  • Fixed a typo in the first reactor room
  • Repainted several platforms and walls, and added gemspark to help distinguish background from foreground
  • Added an additional platform to the first reactor room, so it can be reached from the left side
  • Dying in the portal entrance no longer skips a large chunk of dialogue
  • No longer able to be trapped in the first portal chamber
  • Redesigned portal gun station controls. Now, clicking the left/right levers will rotate it once per click, rather than toggling a constant left/right rotation
  • Emerald gem can no longer be carried out of Portal Chamber 1
  • A lever in the forge can no longer be reached through a closed door

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.15==========

  • Added a conveyor belt in Portal Chamber 6, in case you died in an unreachable area with all four large diamonds
  • Removing or placing a gem in a gem lock in Portal Chamber 6 will now reset any placed portals
  • Ezri should now be able to help herself escape an area where she could become trapped in Portal Chamber 7

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.16==========

  • An edit in v1.15 broke Portal Chamber 6, so it was no longer passable. This patch fixes that problem.

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.17==========

  • An edit in v1.15 broke Portal Chamber 6, so it was no longer passable. I missed a bug related to that in v1.16. It has been addressed now
  • Fixed a typo

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.18==========

  • Fixed an achievement counting bug
  • Made it so an area of the holodeck could not be jumped over
  • Made it so an area of Portal Chamber 7 could not be accessed early
  • Fixed an area in Portal Chamber 9 where an NPC could become trapped

==========CHANGELOG: Harbinger v1.18.1==========

  • A test version was accidentally released for 1.18. This version is the non-test copy.


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