Foxing's World

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my main world made new character friendly and altered to be a nice way to start a new playthrough.


spawn point is a base with 4 rooms; crafting, chests, trophy, and map of the world. the intended design of the world is to have a smoother start into a long play through of whatever class you desire to play without too much set up time on the start.


the world is set to pre eye of cthulu with hardmode ores around the world so you don't need to smash altars and worry about the spread of crimson/corruption. there is many "boss shrines" around the map to help reduce the grind. there is sectioned off biomes around the world for you to find that are intended for both crimson/corruption materials. 


a majority of the world is seed but much of the features of the world are "art".  it is a vanilla seeded world with some mod added biomes by hand.


there is a large hellevator from the spawn base to underworld that is safe to fall all the way down without dying.



mods supported;

thorium, tremor, calamity(as of 1.1.7)


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