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Four Characters with Every Item Researched(Journey Mode)

Hello. I have recently gotten back into terraria, , and I made these characters! I did a playthrough as all of them, and researched all the items in the game with them. Enjoy!
Willinator: The Melee Class. The person who formed this group. After defeating the Moon Lord, he set out to find warriors just like him to form a group. Their main goal is to destroy the evil in this universe. 


The Summoner Class. He was the first person to be recruited. When he first saw a vampire in a solar eclipse, he started to feel very angry. 


The Ranger Class. The third person to be added to the group. He is a former cultist. Once he found out about his sister's triumph over the moon lord, he left his life as a cultist behind. He killed his leader and stole his mask, and ran away to a new place, where he would start his adventure.


The Mage Class. Luke's younger sister. The second person to be recruited by Willinator. When she found out that her brother became a cultist, she ran away. She swore to herself that she would help Luke out of his cultist life style.

How to download: 

Download the zip file provided. 

Go into file explorer and extract the zip file

Then, copy the characters

Go to Documents<My Games<Terraria<Players

Paste the characters into players.

The characters now should be in terraria.