The Forgotten Ice Temple - Secret Behind the Gates

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The Forgotten Ice Temple

:: Update V1.7 ::

- Added more torches and stuff in the Forgotten Ice Temple, Braktolus's Citadel and some other areas.

- Added an checkpoint in the Jungle.

- Added the missing items in the empty chests in the MP version of the map.

- Removed some levers in the MP versions.

- Added missing walls and structures.

:: Rules ::

1. Don't craft, break or place anything, unless if you get told to.

2. ALWAYS read the signs before you click on levers or chests.

3. Don't cheat (Unless if you've screwed yourself up pretty hard)

4. ONLY use the Grappling Hook on Pink blocks, nothing else.

5. Have a good time! :)

:: Recommended ::

You don't have to use the music if you don't want to, but I do recommend to use it, because it gives you a great adventure feeling while you're playing!

If you have no clue what the lever you clicked on did, then look for a folder (from the downloaded file) which is named "Videos". Then look for the video the sign told you to watch.

I also recommend you to play with a friend. You might have some difficulties if you're playing in singleplayer-mode.

:: Credits ::

Thanks to ahamling 27 & Novate for helping me with technical issues!

Thanks to Luumor for giving me permission to use some of his textures!

Thanks to my friend Porompompero for helping me with some textures!

Please report grammar mistakes and bugs and such stuff as soon as possible! (If you find any.)

Don't forget to tell what you think!


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