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You need Terraria or newer to play this map.

I was browsing the internet the other day looking for a map to use for the new fishing feature. I could not find one so I made my own. There are Teleporters to every location(biom) in the game that you will need to do your Fishing Quests and to get the fish that your need for potions. The only exception is the Underground Hallow. There is a location underground that I have turned Hallow, but the world needs to be in hardmode to catch the Chaos Fish.

This map features:

  • Teleporters to every biome that your will need for fishing.
  • Everything you need to start fishing
  • Herb farm
  • Coral farm (left Ocean)
  • Crisp Honey generator (left of spawn)

Any and all suggestions for improvements are welcome and appreciated.


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