The Facility 2

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The Facility 2

  • You can play with up to 3 people
  • You must use a new character
  • You must get rid of your starting tools at the beginning of the map
  • It's VERY recommended to play on low resolution or it could spoil a lot of the map for you
  • It is also recommended to first play The Facility 1, not required though
  • This map doesn't have anything from 1.0.5 in it. I want to make another map using the new potions, but this one is strictly 1.0.4 and lower.
What is The Facility 2?

The Facility 2 is the 2nd adventure map of a series I started a little while back, it is a continuation of the storyline from the 1st map. Test subject #2739 escaped the first facility that was built underground, after escaping he didn't go easy on the place with all the explosives he had found. Luckily there is a backup facility ready to go for the next test subject, test subject #2740. This backup facility is all that's left. With this one being built in the sky, i would rather not fall down. Note: Everything in this map was collected and built legit so don't expect a huge amazing map made of gold with a 10 plat reward

How to get started:
  1. Download the map from any of the links on this map page and save it on your computer
  2. Go to the location you saved it at and extract the files from the zip you downloaded by using a program like winrar
  3. Change the number on the file from world1 to a number that you dont already have (ex: if you already have a world1 and world2 in your terraria saves then name it world3)
  4. Take your new world you downloaded and put it with your other terraria worlds(terraria saves are located in Documents - My games - Terraria - Worlds)
  5. Start up terraria, make a new character, and enjoy the map.

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Gameplay Videos:
Map updates:
  • 6/16 - started making The Facility 2
  • 6/19 - finished enough of the map to get some pictures out, atleast now this thread isnt just a bunch of words
  • 6/28 - after some technical difficulties i finished the map
  • 6/29 - everyone said they got no spawns in corruption so i fixed it as best as i could
  • 6/30 - added more jungle grass to the jungle section of the map so that jungle mobs might spawn more