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NPC Village | Large Map | Unexplored | Crimson & Corruption | 2 Dungeons(Blue & Pink) | 3 Pyramids | 2 Temples | 10 Skylands | 5 Living Trees | 11 Hives | CUSTOM JUNGLE BIOME |

This is a great map to use when starting a new character! NO items are given to you and ALL chests in the houses are empty. Playing on this map will in NO way ruin the fun of starting a new game. There is a plot for you to build your own house (if you so choose) outside the town, which is right next to spawn. The only NPC that will accompany you at the start is the guide. Nothing has been explored, no chests have been looted, and no bosses have been killed. There ARE two dungeons in this map (green and pink), and they are activated by killing skeletron in the same way you would if there was only one. The old man is standing outside the first dungeon, and until you kill skeletron, you will die upon entering either dungeon.

There are specific buildings throughout the map for each NPC, and there is a pirate ship to be found in the ocean!

Feel free to move the NPCs into whichever buildings you choose, but be warned - when a new NPC joins your game, you may have to assign him/her to a building, since they may automatically move themselves into a building far away in a different biome.

The jungle has been customized to feel more dense, and is a bit more dangerous than usual, with man eaters spawning on the surface.

There are several other things to discover on this map that I have not mentioned.

Have fun!


I am a full time college student, and many 12 hour days were spent making this map. If you like this map and enjoy playing in it, feel free to leave a small donation so I can continue dedicating this much time to projects! Thanks. Love you.


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