Elmo's World (Finished Survival)

26,768 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 8, 2016

(Terraria This is Elmo's World; I challenged myself to finish the game as quickly as I could, and also collect as many items as possible in the shortest amount of time. I ended up beating the Moon Lord with just a little bit over 100 hours (which I thought was a great achievment for my current experience in Terraria). The rules I set for myself were pretty basic. No Hacking, Cheating, Spawning Items, or editing the world with a third party program.

The map includes: A home base with most NPCs, Tons of labeled chests that contain all of the items I used, Boss and Event fighting platforms including heart and star statues, Tons Of Slime, A teleporter straight to the underworld, And Much More!

You should really take a peek at some of the images to see what a magnificent finished speed-survival you're getting into.


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