Critical Network Master Project

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This is a master project.


As the root placeholder for all TCN projects it contains no dependencies.
All TCN projects are dependant on this project.


It's existence serves 3 primary purposes

  1. Maintain cross-project documentation
  2. Manage global project direction 
  3. Troubleshoot global and/or common bugs/errors

It also servers 2 secondary purposes

  1. Provide an intuitive and familiar interface for project navigation
  2. Provide a landing page for miscellaneous redirects

Lastly it serves 3 tertiary purposes

  1. Acts as a temporary home for unsorted project elements
  2. Provides a host for global legal documents
  3. Provides access to project backup sources and caches - (Via dedicated TOC)



The master project is private and copyrighted. Whilst this project may not be reproduced, modified or re-transmitted in any way (as defined by the All Rights Reserved license) sub-projects of this master project may hold very different attribution and licensing details. Refer to each project individually for this information.


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