The Cloud Layer

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I have spent many months using a powerful tool called t-edit to create this map.

The map plays as the normal Terraria survival experience, however, the experience is much richer!

The world consists of dozens of floating islands, some are regular islands, where you build, mine, fight and discover, but some contain challenges, such as The Arena. The Arena is a battle area on the map which you got to to take on skeletons, dodge arrows, swim past piranhas as you try to destroy every spawner you can. Once you have got all the spawners, continue to the left to unlock your prize. Another challenge area of the map consists of a stadium in which you throw bombs into sandy baskets which unleash the water that they conceal, this enables you to move to the next baskets. Yet another area has a maze game in which you guide a magic missile through sharp turns to earn you prizes! As you adventure on you will discover many secrets, such as a certain underwater city, and a jolly fellows home. There are many more things to discover, however i will let you find them for yourself!

This version of map does not contain hardcore. If I get the motivation, i will eventually add another half of the map

Here are some screenshots!

Download Link Release 1.0 or click download in the top right


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