City of Cheam

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The fantastic city of Cheam towers over the fairly unexplored planetside of Eguun.

From a security force's headquarters and jails to a few restaurants, residential areas, a church, a bank, a graveyard and many other establishments, all with purpose, there are many great buildings.

The city is contained by a monster-proof barrier, and can quite easily be exited or left.

The whole city is powered, and certain sections can be turned off. The "Underway" system allows easy navigation of the city streets, and the whole construction is fairly realistic. Blocks are divvied up into "residential" and "business" sections, as well as government.

The only building programs used were one to backwall the two side pillars, as well as a small section of long glass on the left and right of the middle of the structure.

I built 80% of the city alone but was assisted both in some ideas and physically by my server.

It was done about Januray 5th, but I have waited quite awhile before making it public.

Thank you all.

~ CHA ~ Rokuzo ~ Ultima Weapon


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