A Boy and His Hook

4,547 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 17, 2012

A Boy and His Hook is an adventure/parkour map created by a computer game designer (me). This map is designed to show you the true power of the Grappling Hook, one of Terraria's most useful items. There is no grappling to single blocks, a poor design decision made by many map makers. Instead, more unique and original challenges will test your skills. Be prepared to blow stuff up, flip levers, solve puzzles, and battle Terraria's fierce creatures.

It takes roughly an hour to get through this map, depending on your grappling skills. Also, be on the lookout for 5 diamonds that are hidden throughout the map.

Single player and multiplayer versions of the map are included. The multiplayer version supports up to 4 people.

RULES: -You have to play as the character(s) that the map comes with. They have the required starting gear. -You are not allowed to place or destroy ANYTHING (except for cobwebs). -Don't cheat unless you're stuck. -Only take your share (if you're playing the MP version). -Don't mess around with the NPC housing. -Read every sign you come across, and follow any instructions.


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