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The world has become dead. All life destroyed by weopons of mass destructions used by civilization lost in war. You, though, are a survivor. The world has become a very different place. Toxic Slime balls rule the day as the Reanimated corpses of lost men lumber through the night. You have one goal, to revive civilization and bring rise again the rule of man! But you are alone. -Search the barren wastelands to find NPCs to join your cause -Search houses forgotten by their past owners for resources -Find a Refugee Camp hidden Underground -Fight Powerful Monsters to recover the Maiden of Life and Restore the land with plant life -Loot a Near Flooded Dungeon for powerful weopons to wipe clean the land of demons -A Floating Fortress controled by deadly Harpies brimming with loot hides in the sky -Lost Cities are yours to find. -Complete Quests for Items -Secrets await everywhere for you to discover -Most importantly, have fun The Great FireballJoe


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