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All unobtainable items map!

A map with all unobtainable items (1.4 version)


What's a unobtainable item?

  • Unobtainable refers to fully functional (or partially functional) features which for some reason are unavailable during normal gameplay. They are only accessible through game modification software like inventory editors and tools like Terraria Tweaker, the latter which prevents automatic in-game removal of unobtainable items. Features may also be labeled as unobtainable due to being only partially obtainable - for example, Leaf Blocks can be found, interracted with, and even created during normal gameplay, but cannot be placed in the inventory without using inventory editors. Another example is Moss which naturally spawn in all game versions, but exists as obtainable Moss Blocks only on the Desktop version Desktop version.
  • Unimplemented refers to features that are only partially present in the game files. Due to incomplete coding, being replaced by another feature (such as another item), or forced deletion, they cannot be accessed in-game, even with software like inventory editors. The only exception to this inaccessibility is the Boring Bow, which can be placed in the inventory.
  • Removed refers to features that have been completely removed from the game for various reasons, ranging from copyright liability to former-exclusivity. There is no longer any data related to them present in the game's files, and their Data IDs are typically replaced by something else.

Note that this page does not include features that have never appeared in the game assets of a given version. For example, the Horned God set has only ever existed as assets (and obtainable items) on the Console version Console version and Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, and does not count as an Unobtainable or Unimplemented feature on other versions despite being inaccessible on them. This means version-exclusive features will not be listed here unless falling under any of the above categories.